Ajay Shah

Licensed Realtor in (New York – NY & CT) USA, Hard Money,SBA, Conventional, Construction Loan, JV, Purchase, Refinance

“I know Michelle personally and we both are member of CTREIA and Michelle had sweet deal for rehab & Wholesale. She is helping our customers with the best satisfaction GREAT JOB !!!”

July 14, 2011, AJAY was with another company when working with Michelle at Platinum Associates

Linda Baumgarten

CT REIA, National REIA

“Michelle is a member of the CT Real Estate Investors Association. She brings great knowledge and enthusiasm to our meetings. She has worked hard to become the “go to” person when someone wants to sell their investment property. She is straightforward as well as pleasant to work with. If you want to buy or sell and investment property, I would certainly meet with Michelle first. “

Chris Tracy

Owner, The Tracy Group and The Connecticut Home Sales Assistance Foundation, LLC

“It is my pleasure that I recommend Michelle for any endeavor regarding real estate. I was motivated to introduce myself to her at a CTREIA event, as I was quite impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and high-energy attitude. I do business with Michelle frequently, as she helps me with many of my business needs. I consider her a valuable mentor and a pleasure to work with.”

Mike Rockford

President at Real Estate Solutions of America LLC

“Michelle has been a refreshing surprise in my circle of real estate clients. She is a person who stands by her word and eliminates any doubt of her commitment to the deal. I have always found her to focus and persevere on each deal and always pays close attention to detail. Professional, committed, energized and compassionate with all those she comes in contact with. I have enjoyed working with her in the past and feel confident in working with her on upcoming projects in the future.”

L.K. and J.K.

Multi-Unit Investors

“We have been working with Michelle for over two years. Any realtor can show you a property. Any realtor can sell you a property. But Michelle goes the extra mile to make sure everything is done according to your standards. Due to our schedules, we can’t always be there for the inspections. Michelle has stayed in our absence. When we have issues with questions that need answers, Michelle gets them. She has helped with problems that can occur after the closing. She’s always there, most realtors are done when the dotted line is signed and their check is in hand. Not Michelle.
Michelle is also an expert in the arena of multi-dwellings. She has a data base of sellers and buyers, we would venture to say she probably moves inventory quicker than any other realtor in that market. And these are the qualities that make her unique. We have worked with others in the past, but after Michelle, we have become loyal and grateful investors who would never consider having another realtor represent us. We assure you, you’ll be 100% pleased with her on your side.”

Michael Loscialpo

“Michelle has proven to be a valuable component to my success in real estate investing. I have worked with her in several transactions as buyer and seller. It is clear that she has extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the field of real estate investment. I never had to wonder whether she was working on my properties, as she remained in constant communication with me throughout the process. Her level of service is hard to match, and so I would not hesitate to call upon Michelle and her firm to handle my future real estate transactions.”


“Evicted 2 other tenants but I raised almost all of the rents, put in a new roof, finished the windows, new flooring, had to replace 12 appliances. Lots of cash but we bring in about 6500 a month, all cash and it cost about 3800 to run. Definitely a profitable building, we owe it all to you! Thanks again and I hope we can find something else!”

Cathy S.

I had the opportunity to work with Michelle recently. She is an outstanding person. She listened to my concerns, brought her knowledge and contacts to get the job done quickly and efficiently. She is an excellent communicator, keeping me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend Michelle to assist any real estate investor.
Thank You Michelle.